Reviewing & Auditing

HMRC will at some point most likely want to audit your processes and procedures to assess your compliance. 

Please see ‘Preparation for Customs Visits’ for how we can support this.

Additionally, it is almost commonplace nowadays that a company will receive a letter from HMRC demanding payment of additional duties. An audit would generally take place every three to five years, depending on the type of company, volume of import and export activities and authorisations held but a demand letter can turn up at any time.

HMRC use the information submitted by you or your customs broker to assess compliance. Remember, no matter who prepares and submits the declarations on your behalf, you the trader are responsible and accountable. Some basic areas that give rise to errors are:

  • A mistake made on the declaration by the customs broker.
  • The information given to the customs broker was incorrect.

The company responsible for the declarations should follow two simple steps:

  • Always give written instruction to the service provider;
  • Always review/audit what has been submitted on your behalf.

To avoid such letters, Five Lanes Consultancy provide the following support:

  • Examine existing broker procedures and instructions;
  • Review/audit historic declarations and prepare any voluntary disclosures
  • Recommend improvements to the processes and procedures;
  • Assist in the re-drafting and implementation of any changes required to improve procedures and processes.

During this review/audit process Five Lanes Consultancy will also identify if the customer is taking advantage of all or any duty and cost minimisation opportunities and operating in the most effective and efficient way. Five Lanes Consultancy will make recommendations, assist companies in preparing the cost/benefit analysis and, if agreed, follow the improved process through to implementation.

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